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As Kelowna’s most established complementary health care centre, we offer a wide variety of trusted services and products. Our clients come from all across Canada to see us. They are committed to improving their lives in all areas, whether that be physical, mental or emotional well-being. Get in touch with us today and invite us to be the next step on your journey to realizing your life potential!

Okanagan Natural Care Centre staff are certified and committed to continued study. Investment in our own personal health and well-being is on going. Our values in education radiate outwards, to our clients and beyond. We also value honesty, integrity, respect and responsibility.

Our History

Harry Sukkau started a centre 40 years ago. His daughter Diane Wiebe bought the practice in 1982 and changed the name, to be more inclusive, to Okanagan Natural Care Centre. The centre moved to Ambrosi Rd in 1997. Since then new modalities have been added. Education is a constant at the centre. The focus of the centre has remained to assist others and ourselves on the journey to good health and a meaningful life.

What does good health mean to you? The prevention of illness, pain management, being happy, mental clarity, or the joy of aging gracefully? Whatever your definition,
for forty years now, we have been dedicated to helping you on your path to a healthy lifestyle.

We take the time to listen to you and your body.  While changes and improvements take place over time, addressing goals at the core level leads to lasting change.

Health is an interesting journey. Each day is a new day, we encourage you to Step Up to a Healthy Life, ask us how!

Client success allows us to have space for new clients.

Thanks for your support by referring others!

An excellent place to start is where you are right now                           250-763-2914

An excellent place to start is where you are right now

Want help with weight loss?

We’re here for you. At “Your Last Diet Centre” we use Ideal Protein’s medically designed and professionally supervised wellness protocol. This muscle-sparing, fat-targeting weight loss protocol was created for Olympic Athletes in France over 25 years ago. Dieters lose the weight quickly without strenuous exercise. The Ideal Protein program is unique as it has a beginning and an end. You not only take the weight off and improve your health but, most importantly, you learn how to keep it off.

Your Last Diet Centre

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People Talk

I have had great success from multiple practitioners (at ONCC) at becoming healthier. They have constantly improved my health either on their own or in conjunction with “traditional western medicine” treatments. I am happier and healthier and feel I have...
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“A happy man on the road to healing.” It does not take any persuasion for me to talk about the merits of being a client at the Okanagan Natural Care Centre for the past three years. I really look forward to my twice-a-month appointments with...
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I am amazed of the professionalism and friendly helpful manner of all the staff at Okanagan Natural Care Centre. My first appointment was with Diane Wiebe and she pinpointed problems I’ve had without saying much to her. After a back injury at...
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This service has been very special to me over the 25 years I have been coming. Through many challenges in my life Diane has been there with her healing touch. The intuitiveness of each and every person at this centre has been an awesome...
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What an amazing health care centre ONCC is! I love coming here. I am so thankful for your services. When I come here I receive treatments that help me to feel better right away. I always leave feeling relieved and healthier. I also appreciate...
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Since coming for a couple of years I have noticed my health improving immensely. I feel balanced, my skin feels healthy and I am all around a much happier person. I always feel on top of the world, once leaving a service. ~ Marlene Kulaway...
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No matter which service I request, I always leave feeling content and relaxed. What more can you ask for? Many thanks. ~ Linda Callahan
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Step Up to A Healthy Life … Ask Us How!

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