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International Women’s Education Network

We are so proud to have been a supporter of IWEN since they began almost a decade ago. A Kelowna based charity, IWEN’s primary focus is to make a difference in the lives of young girls in Nepal. Already they have been instrumental in preventing girls as young as six from being sold into slavery, a long standing cultural practice in that country. Instead these girls are able to stay with their families and, incredibly, be provided with an education.

In many cultures around the world girls are not valued as equals to boys. It is a challenge that we must address on a global scale, for we know that education is a way out of poverty and that by supporting girls and women the whole community benefits.

Okanagan Natural Care Centre and Your Last Diet Centre are pleased to sponsor the Women’s Literacy Program in Nepal. 

IWEN says “Beginning in October 2017 we will be offering a literacy class, offered in two separate locations (two rural villages in Dang, Nepal) to a total of 63 women. The course will be held 5 days a week for 5 months and will teach many kinds of “literacies”. It will include basic reading and mathematics, it teaches life-skills, and health. There is also a section that teaches how to start one’s own business.” 

As is part of IWEN’s philosophy, the recipients of this course will be expected to give back to IWEN and their community. They will do so by sharing what they have learned with their family and friends. This will be done informally through the women teaching friends and neighbors useful bits of information as they learn it. Formally, at the end of the course, the women will visit other Mother’s Groups to teach a skill or piece of information to another Mother’s Group that has not yet received the literacy training. This produces a multiplier effect; it will not be just the 63 women who take the course who benefit from its instruction, but the knowledge will ripple out throughout the community. 

We at IWEN are very grateful for your ongoing and enthusiastic support! It is exciting to see each dollar of your donations make a real and tangible difference in Nepal.

To learn more about IWEN and their various programs, please visit:


We are pleased to share our used sheets and blankets with the SPCA.  We chose to use oils without chemical additives however oil stains the sheets. The SPCA and the animals appreciate the linens regardless of the oils.


Mennonite Central Committee

For years we have been providing kits for overseas disaster relief. Our deep belief in education prompted us to make annual donations of school kits.  Last year we expanded our giving to include hygiene kits, knowing that hygiene is a vital part of preventative health.

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